Global reach, local touch.

  • We are based in Witney , Oxfordshire

  • You can either visit us in our office or send your drive to us for a free evolution. 

  • We usually complete the diagnostics in 24 hour and let you know the full results.
  • Faulty Hard Drive diagnostics sometimes may take longer than 24 hours. We will inform you if it will take little longer.

  • First diagnostics results will give me result of your hard drive’s issue.

  • Whether hard drive has a logical fault or physical issue. 

  • If your hard drive has a physical problem, we may need some extra time for the diagnostics
  • As soon as we complete diagnostics , we will email you details

  • We offer our data recovery services for UK customers.
  • If your hard drive is no longer working, we will need your hard drive in our office in order to use our devices for diagnostics.

  • We are unable to visit you because our data recovery device is not a mobile device, and it can not be moved easily.

  • If you visit us in our office, I can check your hard drive briefly while you wait.
  • It won’t be a full diagnostics however You will able to some results.
  • What is logical problems on a hard drive? Click and read more here

  • What are the physical problems on a hard drive ?  if you click here, you can get some idea about them

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